We established Dr. Pet in order to make post-surgery recovery easier for pets. Dr. Pet offers comfortable collars instead of the traditional “lampshade” type ones. It reduces stress in case of minor injuries, rashes or during convalescence.
Most pets are petrified in the E-collar and unwilling to walk around because the cone blocks their vision. In addition to that most of them have a problem with drinking or eating in it. I believe many of you have experienced such a situation. Unlike the cones, these comfortable collars do not block pets’ vision so they less likely hit the furniture; they can easily eat and drink and even sleep in it.
Contrary to usual beliefs the inflatable collar is extremely strong and cannot be pierced by pets thanks to the special inflatable filler covered with durable textile. These collars keep their shape and can be used several times; they are lightweight and easy to roll up and put away.
In addition to the regular sizes we have created one twice as wide – it is called BIG BOY. This collar is more efficient than the regular inflatable collars because it is super-wide and super-puffy.
So currently we produce and distribute two types of collars for surgery: one is a regular inflatable collar and the other is the BIG BOY super-wide inflatable collar and both are available in dark blue and pink.
Both collars are antiallergic and super-wide, and the BIG BOY besides being wide is also super-puffy.